Senin, 21 September 2015

Cities with Beautiful Architecture in the World

Each country has become a mainstay of the city tourists. Cities usually has its own uniqueness. As some time ago, the Institute of Modern Architecture in Sydney released the city with the most beautiful architecture in the world. Consider the following review.

1. Isfahan, Iran. One of the cities in Iran have buildings that have high artistic value. Many foreign tourists who visit this city to see the beautiful architecture and royal heritage. Besides having a beautiful architecture, the city is also famous for the richness of its history. Many sites peninggaan history with interesting architecture. If you visit this city, you will be presented monuments and museums in the corners of the city. Meonumen-monument stood since 1930. The atmosphere of the past will be felt if the dusk. It is interesting foreign tourists to visit Isfahan, Iran.

2. Florence, Italy. There is a small town in Italy which have buildings with beautiful architecture. Many tourists who admire the beauty of this city. If you are in this city, there are art galleries and museums, churches, and statues are arranged neatly site can be visited. Besides having cantk architecture, the city is also famous for romantismenya.

3. Luang Prabang, Laos. In Southeast Asia there is a city with beautiful architectural namely Luang Prabang, Laos. This is evident from the title of World Heritage of UNESCO at 20 years ago. Until now Luang Prabang able to maintain its culture.

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