Senin, 05 Oktober 2015

This is the cause of cavities You Need to Know

Cavities are more synonymous with small children who like to eat sweets. But this problem also does not rule out also occur by adults. For those of you who currently have cavities never underestimate because if left unchecked will be bad for the health of others. In addition cavities can also cause bad breath are not pleasant, so it makes a person feel insecure. Do you know the cause cavities? Well on this occasion we will explain about the causes of cavities.

This is the cause of cavities You Need to Know.

Rarely brushing, it is like the rest of the food contained in the teeth will lead to the emergence of bacteria and makes teeth rambuh and potholes.

Often eating sweet foods like candy, sweets, and many others. Substances containing artificial sweeteners tend to be very easy to create cavities.

Brushing the wrong way, though serine brushing teeth, but how wrong it can also cause cavities.

Now that's some explanation about the causes of cavities that you can know. If you do not want it to happen then you should avoid these bad habits. So and hopefully useful!

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