Selasa, 06 Oktober 2015

Culinary hunting in the City of Batik

As we know if it is a city of Pekalongan batik in Indonesia. You can find various types of batik here. But not only the iconic batik Pekalongan city, the city also has many culinary wnak that you can try. The most famous is Megono, foods made from young jackfruit is highly favored by tourists visiting Pekalongan.

For those of you who are curious about what delicious food enjoyed in Pekalongan.Simak following review.

1. Sego megono. Sego or rice begono a unique culinary Pekalongan most sought-after. Pekalongan society usually eat rice megono in the morning and evening. Mgono rice made from young jackfruit steamed then mixed with spices and coconut. As for the side dishes are usually served fried chicken, beef jerky, and eggs.

2. Lontong lemprek. This meal consists of rice cake and curry. Made of chicken curry with coconut milk sauce is thick. These foods can be found in five square feet of Pekalongan.

3. Soto tauco. Soto in Pekalongan different from the soup in other areas. Usually soup has fresh yellow sauce, soup Sedangkang tauco precisely murky brown. This is because the mixture tauco make soup Pekalongan so typical. This soup consists of beef or buffalo, rice noodles, sliced ​​scallions, and rice cake.

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